Fostering collaboration around the key questions in sustainable economic growth is key, such as but not limited to the below:

  • How can countries accelerate decarbonization by reducing greenhouse gas emissions to reach Net Zero pathways and provide quality green energy for industries to power economies?
  • How can we protect and restore the ecosystems and resources we have to ensure a livable planet for current and future generations, as well as cultivate more carbon sinks to net off possible growing emissions?
  • What are the opportunities in decarbonization across different sectors? How can countries utilize their natural resources to provide value in the global decarbonization pathways? What kind of collaboration is needed to capture this value in an inclusive and just manner?
  • How can we accelerate and provide the financing, technological, and human capital needs that countries have to decarbonize?
The Government of Indonesia is establishing Indonesia Sustainability Forum as an annual flagship event on sustainability, providing avenues for stakeholders in the region and globally to enable collaborations and exchanges.