Program At Glance

  • Plenary Sessions to discuss key enablers and opportunities in decarbonization and sustainable economy amongst the event audience with high-level speakers from various government, multinational organization, business, civil society organization, and association leaders.
  • Thematic Sessions to deep dive into the plenary topics in a smaller forum and share detailed insights, study findings and ongoing efforts regarding the topics with leading businesses and industry associations/forums as Knowledge Partners.
  • Leadership Round Table Sessions to provide an intimate environment for high-level guests to brainstorm and discuss critical sustainability issues.
  • Exhibition to enable broader partners and stakeholders to showcase their products & services within the sustainability space.
  • Exclusive gala dinner with speeches to highlight the importance of strong stakeholder commitments and financial enablers to bolster sustainable growth, attended by world leaders in the sustainability field.
The President of Indonesia will deliver a Presidential Speech to highlight the importance of Indonesia’s growth and sustainability going hand in hand. Furthermore, renowned leaders from various sectors and nations will exchange knowledge on challenges, solutions, and best practices in different decarbonization paths.